'noooodle' spaghetti measure & trivet from konstantin slawinski

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spaghetti measure & trivet from konstantin slawinski

this multi-functional piece serves as a trivet, a spaghetti measure, and a countertop decoration when not in use. it’s not at every meal you have to feed a large italian family requiring a complete package of spaghetti. whereas formerly mom proportioned the right amount as judged by the eye, nowadays noooodle takes over. the chrome spaghetti measure is twisted in such a way that 4 loops will provide the right portion for 1 to 4 people thus satisfying anybody’s hunger. when serving the steaming delicacy you can then use ‘noooodle’ as a practical and decorative trivet stand.

it's always a treat to find something so simple, so good-looking, and so useful as the noooodle spaghetti measure from konstantin slawinski.

material: chromed zinc diecasting
dimensions: 7.6” x 7.6” x .4”

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